Wudu in Islam

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For more explanation about wudu in Islam, you can follow the links below:

Wudu Meaning

  1. What Is Wudu in Islam?
  2. Ath-Thaharah in Islam.
  3. The Kinds of Ath-Thahaarah.

Duas for Wudu

  1. What Is the Dua After Wudu?
  2. The Power Full Dua After Wudu in English and Arabic.
  3. Dua After Wudu and 5 Important Things About Dua After Wudu.

Wudu for Women and Men

  1. How to Perform Wudu for Females Sunni?
  2. How to Perform Wudu for Females?
  3. How to Do Wudu with Makeup On?
  4. How to Perform Ablution (Wudu) for Females?
  5. How to Perform Wudu for Males?
  6. How Should a Pregnant Woman Do Wudu?
  7. 5 Virtues of Wudu in Pregnancy.

Performing Wudu

  1. Niyyah for Ablution (Wudu).
  2. How Do You Do Wudu Step by Step?
  3. How Many Rakats in Wudu?
  4. Niyyah for Wudu in Arabic and English.
  5. Do You Have to Do Full Wudu If You Fart?
  6. What Happens If You Fart While Doing Wudu?
  7. Do I Have to Make Wudu After Eating?
  8. Do You Have to Perform Wudu After Eating?
  9. If I Fart, Do I Have to Do Wudu Again?
  10. How Many Times a Day Do You Do Wudu?
  11. How Long Does Wudu Last?
  12. Can You Do Wudu with Lipstick On?
  13. Can I Read Quran Without Wudu?
  14. Can I Touch Quran Without Wudu?
  15. Do You Have Wudu If You Fall Asleep?
  16. Covering Head While Doing Wudu.
  17. Can You Do Wudu Without a Shirt?
  18. Can You Do Wudu Without Washing Your Face?
  19. How Many Times Do You Wash Your Hair in Wudu?
  20. Do You Have to Wash Your Butt for Wudu?
  21. Can You Read Yaseen Without Wudu?
  22. Can You Read Surah Kahf Without Wudu?
  23. Can You Read Ayatul Kursi Without Wudu?
  24. Can We Read Any Surah Without Wudu?
  25. Do You Have to Have Wudu to Read Surah Yaseen?
  26. Can I Recite Surah Fatiha Without Wudu?
  27. Can We Read Ayat e Karima Without Wudu?
  28. Are You Allowed to Read Quran Without Wudu?
  29. Do You Have to Perform Wudu Before Reading the Quran?
  30. Is Wudu Necessary Before Reading Quran?
  31. Is It Okay to Listen to Quran Without Wudu?

What Breaks Wudu?

  1. What Kind of Fart Breaks Wudu?
  2. Does Kissing Break Wudu?
  3. Does Silent Fart Break Wudu?
  4. Does Vomiting Break Wudu?
  5. Does Kissing Wife Break Wudu?
  6. Does Eating Break Wudu?
  7. Does Petting a Cat Break Wudu?
  8. Which Animal Flesh Break Wudu?
  9. Does Bubble Fart Break Wudu?
  10. Does Petting a Dog Break Wudu?
  11. Does Your Wudu Break If You Accidentally Fart?
  12. Does Swearing Break Wudu?
  13. Does Touching Dog Break Wudu?
  14. Does Listening to Music Break Wudu?
  15. Does Throwing Up Break Your Wudu?
  16. Does Makeup Break Wudu?
  17. Does Queefing Break Wudu?
  18. Does Cat Saliva Break Wudu?
  19. Does Nosebleed Break Wudu?
  20. Does Vaginal Fart Break Wudu?
  21. Does Picking Nose Break Wudu?
  22. Does Dancing Break Wudu?
  23. Does Being Sick Break Wudu?
  24. Does Washing Child’s Bottom Break Wudu?
  25. Does Drinking Water Break Wudu?
  26. Does Kissing Girlfriend Break Wudu?
  27. Does Kissing Your Spouse Break Wudu?
  28. Does Kissing Your Husband Break Wudu?
  29. Does Cursing Break Wudu?
  30. Does Yawning Break Wudu?
  31. Does Puking Break Wudu?
  32. Does Passing Gas Break Wudu?
  33. Does Holding Fart Break Wudu?
  34. Does Food Break Wudu?
  35. Does Eating Fruit Break Wudu?
  36. Does Eating Fish Break Wudu?
  37. Can Music Break Wudu?
  38. Does Singing Break Wudu?
  39. Does Singing Song Break Wudu?
  40. Does Unintentional Fart Break Wudu?
  41. Does Eating and Drinking Break Wudu?
  42. Will Eating Break Wudu?
  43. Can Eating Break Wudu?
  44. Does Eating Food Break Wudu?
  45. Does Flatulence Break Wudu?
  46. Does Internal Fart Break Wudu?
  47. Does a Little Fart Break Wudu?
  48. Does a Small Fart Break Wudu?
  49. Why Does Farting Break Wudu?
  50. Does Your Wudu Break If a Cat Licks You?
  51. Does Food in Mouth Break Wudu?


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