What is Ramadan? Read This!


What is Ramadan? Read This!

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What is Ramadan?“. I’m sure there are some people who are still asking about that. In general, people who ask about it are non-Muslims or people who have recently converted to Islam or converted to Islam.

For me, the question “What is Ramadan?” is one of the questions that is very natural when asked by someone. Why is that? The answer is because Ramadan is not a general term known to the international community. Ramadan is a term that relates to Arab society in general, and Muslim society in particular.

The Meaning of Ramadan

In Arabic, the word “Ramadan” is written like this: رَمَضَانُ. It means to burn. The word “Ramadan” is one of the names of the month for the Arabs and Muslims.

But there is something special about the word “Ramadan”. In Islam, apart from being the name of a month in Islam, Ramadan or the month of Ramadan is a very holy month. Ramadan is a very holy month for Muslims because in that month they are required to fast for one month. All the demons who usually seduce humans are shackled during the month of Ramadan. Apart from that, Allah first sent down the Quran in the month of Ramadan.

The time or day when Allah revealed the first Quran to Prophet Muhammad is called the “Night of Nuzulul Quran” or “The night when the Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad for the first time”. It happened on the seventeenth night of Ramadan. For this reason, on that night Muslims are strongly encouraged to read the Quran. They are strongly encouraged to increase their worship during the month of Ramadan.

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So, if someone asks you what Ramadan is, then the answer varies. The many answers to these questions are because Ramadan has a lot of history.

So, if we understand what I have explained above, then some of the answers to the question what is Ramadan are as follows:

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