What Are Muslim Women’s Laws? Read This!

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Periods in Islam

  1. Taking Shower During Period Islam.
  2. Ghusl Dua for Female After Periods in English and Arabic.
  3. Niyyat for Ghusl After Periods.
  4. How to Do Ghusl After Period Step by Step?
  5. Do and Don’ts During Periods in Islam?
  6. Can We Recite Quran During Periods?
  7. Can We Cut Our Hair During Periods in Islam?
  8. Can We Cut Our Nails During Periods in Islam?

Menstruation in Islam

  1. Dua After Menstruation When Showering in English and Arabic.
  2. Niyyat for Ghusl After Menstruation in English and Arabic.
  3. Can We Recite Quran During Menstruation?
  4. Can We Cut Our Hair During Menstruation in Islam?
  5. Can We Cut Our Nails During Menstruation in Islam?
  6. Do and Don’ts During Menstruation in Islam?
  7. Delaying Ghusl After Menstruation.
  8. Can a Menstruating Woman Take a Shower (Ghusl)?
  9. Serving Husband While You Are Menstruating.
  10. Hajj Guide for Muslim Women Who Is Menstrual.
  11. The Fines for People Who Have Sex with His Wife who Is Menstrual.
  12. Wife is Menstruating; The Prohibited and the Permitted.
  13. Differences Between Menstrual Blood and Istihadhah Blood.
  14. Menstruation in Quran and Hadith.
  15. How to Clean Menstrual Blood According to Islam?
  16. How to Do Ghusl After Menstruation Step by Step?


  1. Is it OK to Show a Little Hair with Hijab?
  2. At What Age Do Muslim Wear Hijab?


  1. Can We Recite Quran During Haidh?
  2. Can We Cut Our Hair During Haidh in Islam?
  3. Can We Cut Our Nails During Haidh in Islam?
  4. Do and Don’ts During Haidh in Islam?
  5. How to Do Ghusl After Haidh Step by Step?

General Discussions About Muslim Women

  1. Is It Haram to Show a Little Bit of Hair?
  2. Breastfeeding Husband During Pregnancy in Islam.
  3. Can Husband and Wife Bath Together in Islam?
  4. Can Husband Drink Breast Milk of Wife in Islam?
  5. When Is Ghusl Compulsory for Women?
  6. Is It Haram to Take Shower with Your Wife?
  7. The Rules of Handjobs According to Islam.
  8. 13 Questions and Answers About Muslim Women.
  9. The Virtues of Breastfeeding Husband According to Islam.
  10. Can I Breastfeed My Husband in Islam?
  11. Is It Sunnah To Bath with Your Wife?
  12. The Legality of Abortion According to Islam.
  13. Women Victims of Rape According to Islam.
  14. The Duration of Nifas in Hadith.
  15. Traveling for Women.
  16. Women and Istihadhah.
  17. Understanding Unusual Istihadhah Blood.