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The Terms of Thawaf ~ Hi all readers! In the previous article, I explained the pillars of Hajj. We also already know that without that all the hajj performed by a Muslim is invalid. We also already know that one of the pillars of Hajj is Thawaf. We already know that what is meant by Thawaf is to surround the Kaaba seven times. But what we have to know is that it cannot be done haphazardly. In other words, there are certain terms that govern it. That’s why I wrote this article. And, as Muslims, we must know that. Thus, you must read this article to the end!

In the Islamic legal literature, it is explained that there are six terms for Thawaf. In other words, if there is one condition that is not fulfilled, then the Thawaf performed by a Muslim is invalid. The six conditions are; holy from hadas and khabats, closing genitals, intention to perform Thawaf, starting Thawaf from the Hajar Aswad side, positioning the Kaaba on the left-hand side, and performing Thawaf up to seven times.

By the way, do you understand these six terms? If you don’t understand, don’t worry! I will explain it all briefly and clearly. You only need to read this article!

Types of the Terms of Thawaf

Types of the terms of Thawaf are as follows:

First; holy of hadas and khabas.

Hi! Do you still remember what is hadas and khabas? What is meant by hadas is a condition experienced by someone after he urinated, farted, had sex, and so forth. Someone in this condition may not pray, Hajj, and some other worship. As for what is meant by khabats are unclean objects that can prevent someone from doing worship, such as urinating, feces, and so forth.

In other words, what is meant by the scriptures of hadas and khabas is that someone who is going to perform Thawaf must avoid it all. If the person has urinated or defecated, then he must perform ablution. If he has sex, then he has to take a Janabah bath. Clothing that will be used to perform Thawaf must be pure from khabats, such as urine, feces, and other unholy objects.

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Second; cover genitals (aurat).

I think this second point is very clear, that people who do thawaf must cover their genitals (aurat). Remember the limit of genitalia (aurat) for men is belly button to two knees. While the genitalia (aurat) limit for women is the entire body except the face and two palms.

Third; intention of performing Thawaf.

The third point is very clear, that people who will do thawaf must intend to do thawaf first.

Fourth; start Thawaf from Hajar Aswad side.

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