Understanding Prayer (Salat) in Islam

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Five; A child who is seven years old must be taught to pray. Remember! He must always be ordered to pray at that age. If he doesn’t want to do it at the age of seven to nine years, then his parents can’t beat him. But if he is ten years old and he does not want to pray, he must be beaten. The punch in question is a blow to educate and not be on the face.

Six; Prayer is the first act that will count on the Day of Judgment. If someone’s prayer is good, then he will be safe.

All readers! If we have understood the brief explanation above, then of course we already know that prayer is one of the teachings and commands that are very important in Islam. That is because prayer can determine a person’s behavior when he lives in the world, in the end, it becomes the first act that must be accounted for. In addition, prayer is an activity that must be carried out since childhood, because even though someone is only required to perform prayer five times every day, but in reality, it is a difficult activity.

That is a brief explanation of prayer (Salat) in Islam. May be useful! Amen!

I think that is enough for this article. See you again in the next article!

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