Prayer in Islam: Salat: Daily Prayers

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Maghrib Prayer

  1. Is There Any Sunnah Prayer Before Maghrib?
  2. Sunnah Prayer Before Maghrib.
  3. How Many Rakats in Maghrib?
  4. Maghrib Prayer, Maghrib Rakats, Dhikr Maghrib and Dua Maghrib.
  5. Is There Sunnah Before Maghrib?

Isha Prayer

  1. How Many Rakats in Isha?
  2. Isha Prayer, Isha Rakats, Dhikr Isha and Dua Isha.
  3. Important Explanation About Isha Prayer and Subuh Prayer in Mosque.

Fajr Prayer

  1. Can You Pray Fajr Early?
  2. How Many Rakats in Fajr?
  3. Fajr Prayer, Fajr Rakats, Dhikr Fajr and Dua Fajr.

Dhuhr Prayer

  1. Why Is Dhuhr Prayer Silent?
  2. What Is Dhuhr Prayer?
  3. How Many Rakats in Dhuhr Prayer?
  4. Dhuhr Prayer, Dhuhr Rakats, Dhikr Dhuhr and Dua Dhuhr.
  5. Can I Pray Dhuhr Before the Time?
  6. How to Combine Dhuhr and Asr?
  7. How to Pray Dhuhr?

Zuhr Prayer

  1. How to Pray Zuhr?
  2. How to Combine Zuhr and Asr?
  3. Can I Pray Zuhr Before the Time?
  4. What Is Zuhr Prayer?
  5. Why Is Zuhr Prayer Silent?
  6. How Many Rakats in Zuhr?
  7. Zuhr Prayer, Zuhr Rakats, Dhikr Zuhr and Dua Zuhr.

Asr Prayer

  1. How Many Rakats in Asr?
  2. Asr Prayer, Asr Rakats, Dhikr Asr and Dua Asr.

Tahajjud Prayer

  1. Tahajjud Dua for Success.
  2. How to Pray Tahajjud Step by Step?
  3. Is It a Must to Sleep Before Tahajjud Prayer?
  4. Is It Compulsory to Sleep Before Tahajjud Prayer?
  5. Do We Have to Sleep Before Tahajjud?
  6. Is It Necessary to Sleep Before Tahajjud Prayer?
  7. Hadith About Sleep Before Tahajjud Prayer.
  8. How Many Rakats Did Prophet Pray for Tahajjud?
  9. How Many Rakats Are Best for Tahajjud Prayer?
  10. How Many Rakats in Tahajjud Prayer?
  11. 16 Hadith on Tahajjud Prayer in English and Arabic.
  12. Intention for Tahajjud Prayer.
  13. What Is the Niyyat for Tahajjud Prayer?
  14. Niyyat for Tahajjud Prayer.
  15. Tahajjud Dua Acceptance Hadith.
  16. Prophet’s Dua After Tahajjud Prayer.
  17. What Should We Say After Tahajjud Prayer?
  18. Dua After Tahajjud Prayer in English and Arabic.
  19. What Dua to Read in Tahajjud?
  20. Tahajjud Prayer Dua and Its Virtue.

Witr Prayer

  1. What to Read in Witr If You Don’t Know Dua Qunoot?
  2. Is Witr Prayer Compulsory?
  3. How to Perform Witr Prayer in Isha?
  4. How Do You Pray Witr Prayer?
  5. Can We Pray Witr without Qunoot?
  6. How Many Rakat in Witr?
  7. Is Witr Fard?
  8. How to Pray 3 Rakat Witr and Pray 1 Rakat Witr?
  9. 5 Benefits of Witr Prayer.
  10. How to Pray Witr If You Don’t Know Dua Qunoot?
  11. Witr Prayer Dua and Dua Qunoot Witr.
  12. Witr Prayer and How to Pray Witr?
  13. Witr Prayer and the Virtues.

Duha Prayer

  1. How Many Rakat in Duha Prayer?
  2. Duha Prayer Benefits in Each Rakat.
  3. Duha Prayer and How to Pray Duha Prayer?
  4. Dhuha Prayer and the Virtues.

Iftitah Prayer

  1. Iftitah Prayer, Dua Iftitah Meaning, and Dua Iftitah Hadith.
  2. What Is Dua Al Iftitah?
  3. Prayer After Takbir Ihram; Iftitah Prayer.

Salatul Ghaib

  1. What Is Salatul Ghaib?
  2. How to Perform Salatul Ghaib?

Tahiyatul Masjid Prayer

  1. Meaning of Tahiyatul Masjid.
  2. How to Pray Tahiyatul Masjid?

Janazah Prayer

  1. Can You Pray Janazah Twice?
  2. Janazah Prayer for Female.
  3. The Position of Imam in Janazah Prayer.
  4. The Mechanism of Janazah Prayer.
  5. Can You Pray Janazah at Home?
  6. Doing Janazah Prayer after Burial.

Eid Prayer

  1. Eid Prayer at Home.
  2. Takbir in Eid Prayer.
  3. Adhan and Iqamah in Eid prayer.
  4. Eid Prayer; One Important Thing That Must Be Considered.
  5. Suggestions Regarding Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adhah.
  6. Eid Prayer on Other Days; Allowed or Not?

Friday Prayer

  1. Recommended Things Regarding Friday Prayer (Salat).
  2. Friday Prayer and Eid Prayer on Same Day.
  3. Friday Prayer Sermon; Is Imam Allowed to Speak Another Thing When He Is Doing Sermon?
  4. Legal Status of Speaking in Friday Prayer Sermon.
  5. Friday Prayer Sermons.
  6. The Opinions About Number of People in Friday Prayer.
  7. Friday Prayer (Salat).

General Discussions About Prayer in Islam

  1. Dua for Lunar Eclipse in Islam.
  2. What Does Jama’ah Mean in Prayer?
  3. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Meaning.
  4. Can Husband and Wife Pray Together in Islam?
  5. Yawning During Prayer in Islam.
  6. How to Pray Solar Eclipse?
  7. Importance of Salat Al-Jama’ah.
  8. Can You Pray (Salat) Before It’s Time When Traveling?
  9. Can You Pray Early If Going Out?
  10. How to Combine Maghrib Prayer and Isha Prayer?
  11. What is the Difference Between Jama Taqdeem and Jama Takheer?
  12. What is Jama Takheer?
  13. What is Jama Taqdeem?
  14. The Meaning of Qabliyah and Ba’diyah in Prayer.
  15. Qabliyah Prayer and Ba’diyah Prayer and the Virtues of Both.
  16. 48 Important Things About Prayer (Salat) in Islam.
  17. Can You Pray (Salat) After Adultery (Zina)?
  18. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim in Prayer (Salat).
  19. All About Sujud Sahwi We Need to Know.
  20. Istisqa Prayer; Prayer to Ask for Rain.
  21. Prayer Because of an Earthquake in Islam.
  22. The Mechanism of Solar Eclipse Prayer and Lunar Eclipse Prayer.
  23. Solar Eclipse Prayer and Lunar Eclipse Prayer in Islam.