The Pillars of Hajj; The Best Explanation

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The Pillars of Hajj ~ Hi all readers! In several previous articles, I have explained many things about hajj, such as hajj for others, hajj for people who have died, hajj to be small, the virtues of hajj, and so forth. These are all important themes about Hajj that we should know about. Well, in this article I will explain the pillars of Hajj. That is one of the important things that we must know. That’s why you should read this article to the end!

By the way, do you know what the pillars of Hajj are? In Arabic, the pillars of Hajj are called by the term أَرْكَانُ الْحَجِّ. The point is, there are some basic things that must be done by people who make the pilgrimage. If the person does not do it all, then the Hajj that he did is not valid. Maybe you can already imagine how important it is to understand it all.

We can analogize Hajj as a house. A house will stand strong if there are strong pillars that support it. If there is one pillar that is not sturdy or maybe even not there, then surely the house will not stand upright, maybe even the house will collapse. Likewise, the pillars of Hajj.

Islamic scholars explain that there are six pillars of Hajj; Ihram, Wuquf in Arafat, Thawaf Ifadhah, Sa’I, shaving hair, orderly. Do you understand what all that means? If you don’t understand, don’t worry! I will explain it.

Types of the Pillars of Hajj

Types of the pillars of Hajj are as follows:

One; Ihram

What is meant by Ihram is intending to perform Hajj or Umrah. Thus, what is meant by Ihram in Hajj is intending to perform Hajj. Usually, it is done before doing one initial thing in Hajj rituals.

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Two; Wuquf at Arafat.

What is meant by Wuquf in Arafat is to be in Arafat even if only briefly, even though sleeping, sitting, or just walking there. But what we need to understand is, that the Wuquf at Arafat must be done on the 9th of Dhul Hijjah. The time starts when the sun shifts from the middle until dawn rises. It was between this time that Wuquf at Arafat was held.

Three; Thawaf Ifadhah.

What is meant by Thawaf Ifadhah is to surround the Kaaba seven times. Other names of Thawaf Ifadhah are Thawaf Ziyarah and Thawaf Fardh.

Four; Sa’i

What is meant by Sa’i is walking from the hill of Shafa to the Marwah statue seven times.

Five; Shaving hair.

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