The Meaning of Zina in Islam: Complete Explanation

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The Meaning of Zina in Islam ~ Hi readers! Zina is one of the topics of Islamic law that is always interesting to discuss. When I looked at “Google Search Console”, I found data that a lot of people are looking for articles about Zina. One of the favorite topics about Zina that they are looking for is the repentance of Zina.

Statistical data on the number of people who need a lot of information about Zina, as I have found in the Google Search Console report, explains that information about Zina is still needed by many people.

Of course, here I do not mean to judge those who seek information about Zina as people who have committed Zina. I prefer to be kind in thinking that they need this information as learning material so that they have knowledge about one of the major sins according to Islam: Zina.

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Now, in this article, I will explain one basic knowledge about Zina. What I mean is the meaning of Zina according to Islam. Specifically, the two things I’m going to describe are as follows:

  1. The Literal Meaning of Zina.
  2. The meaning of Zina in Islamic legal literacy.

The Literal Meaning of Zina

If we want to understand a term well, then one of the things we have to understand is its literal meaning. Likewise, if we want to understand the meaning of Zina, then we must understand the literal meaning of Zina.

“Zina” is an Arabic word. The writing is الزِّنَا. In language, the word “Zina” has several meanings. Some of the popular meanings are narrow and upward.

The meaning of the word “Zina” literally means having sex without a marriage that is legal according to Islam. The point is that there are men and women who are not married couples having sex. In general, it is done with the vital front organs.

There is one important thing that I want to explain here, that the literal meaning of “Zina” does not include having sex with the rear vital organs because there are different criteria for Zina as sex using the front vital organs. But, even so, having sex with the vital organs in the back is also strictly prohibited in Islam.

So, whether Zina is done with a vital front organ or a vital rear organ, Islam strictly prohibits all of this.

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