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How Many Mustahab Are There in Wudu? Read This!

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The fourth important thing about “how many mustahab are there in wudu?” that I will explain now is 13 mustahab in wudu. I want you to understand all of this at the end of this discussion so that you understand what the mustahab in wudu is.

The 13 mustahab in wudu are as follows:

  1. Read Bismillah.
  2. Washing both palms before performing wudu.
  3. Gargling.
  4. Istinsyaq (breathing water into the nose).
  5. Istinstar (exhales inhaled water).
  6. Wiping all parts of the head.
  7. Wet the inside of the beard (for people who have thick beards).
  8. Wipe both ears with fresh water.
  9. Cleaning the fingers.
  10. Cleaning the toes.
  11. Perform all the pillars of wudu up to three times, such as washing your face three times, wiping your head three times, and so on.
  12. Perform wudu on the right side of the body first. For example, washing the right hand first. After that wash the left hand.
  13. Using Miswak after wudu.

That’s a brief explanation of 13 mustahab in wudu. As Muslims, we must understand that.

Readers all! That’s a brief explanation of “how many mustahab are there in wudu?” and some important things about it. Do you understand? If you have questions, feel free to ask!

I think that’s enough for this article. Hope it is useful. Amen.

See you again in the next article!

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