Friday Prayer (Salat); Three Things You Need to Know

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Three Things You Need to Know About Friday Prayer (Salat) ~ Hi all readers! In this article, I will explain about three important things that we must know about Friday prayer. As we have seen, Friday prayer is one of the required Islamic teachings for all Muslim men who have fulfilled the requirements. This prayer is in lieu of the Dhuhr prayer. Three things I mean are the requirements of Friday prayer, the requirements for Friday prayer sermons, and the conditions for those who perform Friday prayers.

The first thing you should know about Friday prayer is that the conditions for performing Friday prayer (Salat) are as follows;

One; Friday prayer must be carried out in a building, except in forced conditions.

Two; The minimum number of people who perform Friday prayer in one building is forty people. They are men who are Muslim, independent, mukallaf (he is an adult, intelligent, and Islamic teachings have reached him).

Three; Friday prayer is held at the Dhuhr prayer time. If there are people who do not perform Friday prayer for a reason, then they must perform the Dhuhr prayer as usual.

Four; Done together.

Five; Two sermons were carried out before Friday prayer.

The five conditions above are the basic requirements for Friday prayer.

The second thing to know about Friday prayers is that the requirements for conducting two sermons are as follows;

One; Person who speak sermon is Muslim, adults and normal people. Thus, young children, crazy people, and non-Muslims cannot speak sermon.

Two; The person who is preaching is a holy person. He must not have any hadas.

Three; Sitting between two sermons. That is, if the first sermon is finished, the preacher must sit first before he starts the second khutbah.

Four; The person with the sermon must praise Allah (al-Hamdu lillaahi…).

Five; The person who has the sermon must have an intention to people to fear Allah. That must be done in two sermons.

Six; The person with the sermon must read one complete verse, not only partially, in one of the sermons.

Seven; The preacher must pray for all believers, men and women, in the second sermon.

The third thing you should know about Friday prayer is that the conditions for those who must perform Friday prayer are as follows;

One; All Muslims. Non-Muslims are not obliged to perform Friday prayer.

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