Eid Prayer in Home; A Best Explanation

Eid Prayer in Home ~ Hi all readers! Soon Ramadan will be over. As we have seen, after the adult Muslims are required to fast for one full month, on the Shawwal 1 day, they will pray as a sign of the victory they have gained. The prayer is called Eid al-Fitr prayer. But the problem is, as happened several months ago, the world is being hit by the corona virus. There is a kind of anxiety in the hearts of many people if they contract the virus. As we know, one way to avoid the coronavirus is to not get together with many people. In relation to Eid prayer, can we do Eid prayer in home or in the mosque?

Before I answer the question above, I want to explain that Eid prayer, whether Eid al-Fitr prayer or Eid al-Adhah prayer, is the recommended prayer. The prayer is not an obligation that must be carried out by all adult Muslims. But it would be very good if they did that. And, in general, they do it with many people in the mosque or in the field. If it is done in a situation like this, it will most likely be infected by the coronavirus.

Of course, what I said above is a logical calculation. We cannot say immediately, that everything that happens in this world is God’s will; if we catch the virus then it is God’s will; if God wills, we will not get the virus even if we gather with many people. You need to know, that’s indeed true. But Islam also teaches to avoid causes so that we are not affected by bad consequences. In Islamic law, there are expressions like this;

دَرْءُ الْمَفَاسِدَ أَوْلَى مِنْ جَلْبِ الْمَصَالِحَ

Preventing evil is better than presenting goodness.

The point is, if we are faced with a choice and a condition, for example, in the context of the theme of this article, Eid prayers with many people in the mosque at risk of contracting the corona virus, then we must choose the one that is best; trying to keep us from contracting the coronavirus.

So, we are strongly encouraged to avoid the crowds even though there is good in the crowd; to pray. So, in a situation like now, we are strongly encouraged to pray Eid in home.

Maybe now you are wondering, is it true that Eid prayers can be done in home? Isn’t there a number of things that must be done in Eid prayer, such as doing it with others, sermons after Eid prayers, and so on?

One thing you should know, that to doing Eid prayer swith others, to do it at the mosque, and the sermon after Eid prayers, all that is not an obligation, but a suggestion. Remember! Eid prayer is a suggestion and that is all a suggestion. In fact, we will not sin if we do not do that. Something that you have to do in Eid prayer is some compulsory mechanism related to it, such as the intention to do it, do it up to two people, takbir up to seven times in the first rakat and up to five times in the second rakat. And, I have explained it all in several previous articles.

All Readers! That is a brief explanation about Eid prayer in home. Do you understand? If you want to ask, please ask!

I think that’s enough for this article. May be useful! Amen!

See you in the next article!


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