The Definition of An-Najaasah (Unclean); The Best Explanation

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One; Dog.

Two; Animal carcasses that can live in water and carcasses of animals that do not bleed.

Three; Dense parts of carcasses, such as horns, bones, teeth, and so forth, which have no blood.

Four; Skin carrion.

Five; The urine of a baby who still feeds her mother and does not eat any of her mother’s milk.

Six; Urine, sweat, and feces of animals whose the meat can be eaten.

Seven; Sperm.

Eight; Pineapples that come out of ulcers.

Nine; Human carcasses and saliva that come out when a person is sleeping.

That is the unclean understanding and division of the outline that must be known by a Muslim. Hopefully by knowing about it we can better keep ourselves from things that can prevent us from performing religious rituals. May we be more tolerant when dealing with matters whose law is still debated by Islamic law experts. Amen.

I think enough for this article about the definition of an-Najaasah (unclean). See you again in the next article


We can find the discussion above in, Wahbah bin Mushthafah az-Zuhaili, al-Fiqh al-Islaami wa Adillatuhu, vol. 1, p. 149-166.

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